Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yellow And Green

It would be hard for me to part with this painting, because it represents a series of firsts. When I finished this painting, I felt for the first time that I had made an actual painting. It also marks the first time I was able to mix oils and acrylics to get an erosive effect, almost like peeling skin, really, but still organic. It may have also been the first time I worked on a painting vertically. It was also totally endothermic, for lack of a better word: I remember giving it so much energy, yet controlling that energy from both close to, and far from, the canvas. I'd give a million dollars to be able to recreate the right combination of materials and sequence of events to allow something like this to evolve again. But such is evolution: a one-time event -- or a one-time series of basically one-time events.
Someone pointed out the fractal nature of it: you can't really tell the scale of the picture. Is it an entire biome or just a section of a cell? This is also something I will focus on and hope to revisit.


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