Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Genesis 1:1

"...Even more so than my fieldwork on digs in New Mexico and Pennsylvania and my lab work at the Academy Of Natural Sciences, my painting is a testament to my love of geology and paleontology. Coevolved disciplines, both science and art are investigations based in both personal and natural exploration in combination with techniques. The works represented by the paintings on display here have evolved from analogies of the fossilized organism or the development of a landscape. “In the beginning…” so to speak, as with any canvas, natural or woven: the paintings form as any depositional environment does, like any ecosystem dynamically recorded by the rock, even following the classic laws of geology. Combining both acrylic and oil paints with materials including grout, sand, dirt and sawdust, I am guided by the biological, chemical and physical processes that produce the natural world, but never intending to reproduce the colors and shapes found in nature. As artist Paul Klee said, “The main thing is freedom…which does NOT retrace the course of evolution.” I invoke geology to re-present human emotions with new artistic techniques. Erosion plays an ever-important role, suggesting anything from loss or change to nostalgia or acceptance, or even the simple passage of time, for whatever that is worth. Following the curve of history, my work becomes influenced by the first painters and their expressions on the walls of caves. At this point, my works may be considered artifacts unto themselves, freestanding records of human endeavor and reflection, a way to create my own rocks, history and nature."

My artwork will be on display through June 10th at Bauhaus Gallery on Haddon Ave in Westmont NJ.


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